About AWON Sports Enterprises

It is great pleasure for us to introduce AWON Sports Enterprises New Delhi as one of the leading equipment suppliers in the field of Martial Arts Dresses & Equipment Suppliers and Distributor of various products which are highly used in various Tournaments.

As we have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Martial Arts like (Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing) Mr Shyam Singh & Mr Madan Singh Chauhan are two partner in the AWON Sports Enterprises and happy to announce about our AWON Sports Enterprises.

AWON Sports Enterprises has well established after sales services network, to cater to the immediate demand of the customers and provide them a high level of services. To our customers, we provide world class quality of products Our motto is to provide a complete value added products to the customer viewing their specific needs.

We are able to fetch plenty of customers in a very short span of time. We firmly believe in maintaining long term relationship with our valuable customers. Through our reliable and inexplicable product to our customers we have gained victory over their trust.

We stockist of all WTF approved brand like Tusah( Korean), Nike and Daedo (USA), Mooto Taekwondo dress and equipment for Students & Instructors to buy at a great price.

Our range of products includes Tusah Taekwondo Uniform and Head Guard, Chest Guard, Shoes, Forearm Guard, Shin Guard, Foot Protector, Head Protector, Black Belt, Single Target Pad, Double Target Pad, Irani Target Pad, Floor Mats( Octagonal type & Indian Mats with good Quality, Rubber Wall Sheets ect.

Happy Customers!

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